Wazifa for Desired Marriage and Proposal

Wazifa for Desired Marriage and Proposal

An extremely simple to perform wazifa for wanted marriage or getting recommendations for getting hitched. Or then again on the off chance that you need that your proposition to be engaged won’t ever get dismissed.

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Dua for Desired Marriage and Proposal

Who can play out this wazifa? Kid or young lady who needs to get hitched quickly. The person who needs that his/her proposition to be engaged ought to be acknowledged. The person who needs to seed the affection in somebody’s heart (just for marriage). This wazifa depends on the Quranic Surah #110, Surah An-Nasr which can be found in section 30.

Surah A Nasr 110 Wazifa for Desired Marriage

Iza jaa-a nasrullahi walfat-hu

Wara-aytannaasa yadkhuloona expense deenillahi afwaajan

Fasabbih bi’hamdi rabbika wastaghfirhu innahu kaana tawwaban

How to Perform this Wazifa for Desired Marriage?


After multiple times petitions.

Wait on the supplication mat.

Envision your sweetheart prior to proceeding with this ideal marriage wazifa.

While this you require to go across this wazifa.

Just with the end goal of marriage present Surah An-Nasr fifteen (15) times after the morning (Fajr) supplications.

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Similarly, present Surah An-Nasr eleven (11) times after the early afternoon (Zuhr) supplications.

Subsequent to evening (Asr) supplications recount Surah An-Nasr seven (7) times.

After sundown (maghrib) petitions discuss Surah An-Nasr five (5) times.

Moreover, after night (Isha) petitions discuss Surah An-Nasr three (3) times.

At the point when you discuss this wazifa multiple times after each supplication make a dua for your motivation from the center of your heart with all the torment and need. There is no restriction of days of this wazifa however in the event that ALLAH wills you will get accomplishment inside a month. Kindly Note: Females should skirt this wazifa during the times of their menses.
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