Shohar Ko Kabu Mein Karna

Shohar Ko Kabu Mein Karna

If your beauty does not matter to you, and you run the way you want, then we have brought amulets to control your husband and the way to control your husband. It is also called the blessing of the husband.

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Shohar Ko Bas Me Karne Ka Taweez

Every woman wishes that after marriage, she will get a very loving husband. For this she prays to Allah, holds fast in Ramadan and also offers prayers for five times.The woman also confesses all these prayers and gets married in a very nice house. After marriage, there is a lot of love in Mian-Biwi.But many times this love does not last long and after a few days, there is a rift between Mian Biwi. It seems as if the pair of Mian Biwi has caught sight of someone. At such a time, women should adopt some methods by which they can control their husband. For this, the wife can use the talisman to put the husband in the bus. It is very easy to make a talisman in a bus. To make it, you have to take a black pen, an apple, seven cloves and seven rice grains. To ample the bus to the bus, first peel an apple well. After this, write your name on the apple side and the name of your husband on the other side.Now you have to take seven cloves for amulets in bus and put them in apple in the place named after you. After this, put seven grains of rice on the other side where you have written the name of your husband. Now read Bismillah Sharif and brag on the apple.

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For the amulets to do the bus to the bus, then feed this apple to your husband on any pretext. Before feeding the apples, take out the cloves and rice and put them in a plant. Your husband will be completely subdued by the use of amulets in bus.TalismanThe amulet of controlling the husband – The amulet told by us to control the husband is very effective. You can use this talisman any day of the week. If any parent has any doubt in making the amulet to control the husband, then she can contact us.Apart from this, you can also get the talisman from Maulana ji to control the husband. After the use of this talisman, a woman can have complete control over her husband.Along with the use of talisman to control the husband, you also have to pray to Allah that your relationship should be safe and there will never be any kind of flame in this relationship.

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Shohar Ko Kabu Karne Ka Taweez

If you suspect that your husband is having an affair with another woman and you want to get your husband on the right path, you can still use the talisman to control the husband.

With the help of this talisman, you can improve your husband. If any of your friends or relatives are also upset with their husband and she wants to subdue her husband, then you can tell them the amulet of controlling our husband.

The way to control your husband – In the relationship of Miya Biwi, it is common to have small differences and fight-fighting. But many times, due to some misunderstanding, the matter increases a lot. If all those things are not resolved with the help of time, then it can reach the divorce also.

Mian Biwi’s life is completely ruined after her divorce. Most women try to maintain the relationship. This is because naturally more anger is found inside men.

But a woman understands the importance of relationships and she knows that if she has won the love of husband then love will come again in their relationship. In such circumstances, women should use the method of controlling their husband.

Apne Shohar Ko Kabu Karne Ka Tarika

  • The way to control your husband is to start from the day of gambling for three days. For this you will need a rose flower. For the way to control your husband, read the following prayer 41 times


After reading this dua, you have to suffocate on the rose flower and keep this flower at the bedside of the husband while sleeping at night. The way to control your husband you will have to do it for three days.After three days, flow all three flowers into some flowing water. After this, your husband will be completely under your control.

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Prayers to the husband – the life of a man is very simple and dry and dry. Only after the arrival of a woman comes new life in her colorless life. There is only one woman who awakens the desire to live in the minds of men.After marriage, the woman comes and leaves everything for her husband. But sometimes women get very abusive. Such husband does a lot of torture on his wife. In such a situation, a woman many times thinks of ending the relationship.Let me tell you, no problem can be solved by ending the relationship. Instead, you can use the blessing of the husband.

Shohar Ko Apni Taraf Karne Ki Dua

To keep your relationship safe, any woman can take the help of praying for the favor. You should read this prayer after offering the prayers of Maghrib. In the condition of wuzu, first of all, read 11 Martaba Durud e Pak. After this, you should see the husband given below.The prayer to do is to read- Al kabiro You have to read this prayer 111 times. Finally read Durood A Pak 11 times in the end, praying for Shauhar to his side. Now squeeze both your palms and turn them on your face. Doing this will generate a different sharpness and attractiveness in your face. Now you have to go directly to your husband to pray for the husband. As soon as the eye of the husband falls on your face, it will be completely under your control.

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