Naraz Shohar Ko Manane Ka Wazifa

Naraz Shohar Ko Manane Ka Wazifa


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Naraz Shohar Ko Manane Ka Amal & Naraz Shohar Ko Manane Ka Tarika”Prayers to convince the angry husband, it is normal for Mia-Bibi to have a rift in their fragile relationship. Differences arise on domestic issues. A situation of fighting and fighting arises. Sometimes Shaher gets angry with his wife for his mistakes, sometimes wife also gets angry on her husband’s words.They also solve it in their own way. That is, it keeps on ranting. Sometimes, the pride of a husband increases a little more. There can be many reasons for this. Such as interference between each other, unethical relationship or misunderstanding arising between them, sexual interest, or knowledge of pre-marital affair, etc.


Naraz Shohar Ko Manane Ka Wazifa In Urdu


In the event of this happening, the angry husband should be persuaded as soon as possible, otherwise the sour relationship in the relationship increases. Especially the newly married couple needs to be very cautious in this regard. Nevertheless, if the husband is angry then his displeasure can be eradicated with the Quranic stipend.The warmth of the husband can be changed to softness. Before implementing it, it is necessary to consult the advice of a knowledgeable cleric. Also, relying on Allah, one has to follow some instructions of the Quran.Here are some ways to persuade the husband, which can be used as a result of his mood, resentment and other flaws.

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Naraz Shohar Ko Manane Ka Wazifa In Islam


First way to execute: This stipend of celebrating the husband will remove many problems in a short time and will bring your husband closer to you. The sequential method of persuading the angry husband is as follows: –


This stipend can be used at midnight any day. Before that, pay all the Namaz that day.

In the middle of the night, sit in a secluded corner of the house in a state of offering namaz and without any doubt believe Allah Subhan wa Tala, read As Salala Duo 1000 times. Before this, 11 must have read Durud-e-Sharif.

Finally, after reading the Quranic Dua, also read Durud-e-Sharif 11 Maratba. After that, ask God in your tongue to celebrate the husband and say – O my God, give us salutations and peace in our relationship. Take care of your husband by saying this

If there is something said in the resentment of the husband, remembering it and asking for blessings in front of yourself. Tears came out of his eyes while praying.

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Naraz Shohar Ko Manane Ka Taweez


Second way to execute: Even though Shauhar is very loving, his own wife gets angry due to one reason or the other. For this, the wife should read the prayer to persuade the husband. Many times there is a misunderstanding about the blessing of the Quran that it will only benefit if it is read in Arabic or Urdu language, then it is not so.


It should not be read in Urdu or Hindi, it is important, but it is important that it should be read as it is told. But yes, prayer is accepted only if it is read with an apology for your mistakes with good intentions. It should be implemented in the following order.


Naraz Shohar Ko Manane Ka Wazifa In English


First of all, secrete yourself in a room. Recite Allah and Shahr in a secluded room.

For this, read the Waha Namaz-e-Isha at the first time.

After that remember your husband’s narcissism and take care of it in the heart. Tell from Alla Subhan wa Tala.

A time reading Bismillah read Durud-e-Pak.

After this, you will have to read the prayer to persuade the angry husband. He is: – Al Muhaymin. Repeat this for at least 700 times.

After that, read Durud-e-Pak again and pray for the safety of your relationship with Alla Minya. Ask them to put an end to Shauhar’s displeasure by taking care of you and your husband’s relationship.

If Alla Mian wished, then within a few days, the difference will start to appear, but this practice should be done for 21 days without nagging.

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Third way of implementation: In the Quran, it is said that when any woman’s husband is angry with her, it is the duty of the woman to remove her displeasure. Regardless of the kind of husband, he is extremely loving, angry or absolutely bloodthirsty.


Naraz Shohar Ko Manane Ka Wazifa In Arabic


Alla’s prayers done by her wife will not only remove her resentment towards her wife, but will change her habits and soften her anger. This is a way to get a new look at the husband. The way to do this is as follows: –


This stipend should be done after Isha’s namaz. Keep in mind that her Mahavarhi is not going on that day or she will not be going through this phase in the coming 15 days.

Do the waju before committing the stipend.

After that read 41 Martaba to Surah Kausar.

During this, keep a picture of your husband in front of your eyes. By the way, without trying to close the eyes, take care of the husband so much that his picture starts running in the mind.

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After that, ask for blessings from Allah Subhan or Tala that his angry husband will agree. Do this dua with both hands in a crooked voice.  If Shauhar is bloodthirsty and tortures, then Allah should also pray for the elimination of his evil violent habits. Insha Allah Taala wishes that your prayers will be accepted within a week, but do it continuously for 15 days without nagging.If the husband is lying in the arms of a non-woman, to get rid of him, while praying to this person, ask for love in the heart of the husband.

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