Dua To Save Marriage From Divorce

Dua to save marriage from Divorce

“Wazifa to save marriage from Divorce & Taweez to save marriage from DivorceWe as a whole realize that going through a separation is an excruciating encounter. What is more agonizing is the agony of getting separated. A few vows to spend the remainder of their coexistences when they get hitched. Because of certain conditions, they additionally need to go through a separation. For couples who need to allow their marriage another opportunity, the best arrangement is to save the marriage from divorce.

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At the point when a few considers getting separated, an accomplice is continually expecting to save their marriage. This accomplice is continually searching for ways that can save their marriage. Perhaps the best measures to forestall separate is the ability to shield the marriage from separate.

Dua to save marriage

At the point two or three gets hitched, they guarantee to help each other in each great and awful time of life. These days, couples of the current age are prepared to separate for the littlest issues in their lives. The elderly folks of the family ought to propose dua to save marriage from such couples.

Dua to save Dua to save the marriage. They will change their conduct and spotlight on chipping away at the issues that have prompted their separation. This supplication will assist them with imparting and see each other better. Because of the new agreement, such couples will actually want to allow their marriage another opportunity. dua to protect my wife in islam.

Dua to save your marriage

Is it accurate to say that you are going through a troublesome period in your marriage? Is it true that you are anxious about the possibility that that your hitched life is prompting divorce? Do you require the assistance of Islamic measures to save your marriage? ya allah save my marriage.

how to save a marriage in islam

Assuming the response to these inquiries is indeed, the gift of saving your marriage will help you. Regardless of the number of issues individuals face in their marriage, they are continually attempting to keep the marriage unblemished. Be that as it may, when conditions turn crazy, separate from stays the lone choice. dua for broken marriage in islam

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surah baqarah for marriage problems

Assuming you are an individual who doesn’t need a separation, you ought to petition God for saving my marriage. This petition will assist you with taking care of the issues that have prompted your separation. In your wedded life, love will return in light of this gift. Your accomplice and you will actually want to give your marriage a new beginning.

dua to get divorce from husband

In the event that your accomplice needs to separate from you in light of another lady, practice dua to save my marriage today. This supplication will help you in causing your significant other to understand your significance. This dua will likewise persuade them that an extra-conjugal relationship isn’t permitted in Islam. Because of this gift, your accomplice will leave the other lady and return to you. You can likewise acknowledge her back and proceed with your wedded life once more.

dua for getting talaq

There are numerous circumstances where it appears to be that a marriage between two individuals will be broken. Several deals with numerous issues together, yet now and then little misconceptions can prompt separation.

dua to protect my husband islam

To keep away from the circumstance of separation in your life, you generally look for how to save marriage in Islam? You look for Islamic estimates that shield your marriage from all regrettable parts of life. Dua is a solution for save your glad wedded life which assists the couple with keeping every one of the issues out of their life. Allow us presently to perceive how this supplication is played.

dua for divorce

If it’s not too much trouble, offer recognition and sit to implore.

Present Duryodha Sharif multiple times.

At that point present section 39 of Surah Taha.

“Wa sub qayatu alqa muhabbatam manni”. Discuss this supplication however many occasions as you need.

Do this petition with an unadulterated heart and Allah will favor you with a cheerful marriage.

On the off chance that you have any further inquiries in regards to this dua, you can talk straightforwardly to our Molvi Sahab.

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तलाक से शादी बचाने के लिए दुआ


हम सभी जानते हैं कि ब्रेकअप से गुज़रना एक दर्दनाक अनुभव होता है। अधिक दर्दनाक क्या तलाक होने का दर्द है। एक जोड़ा शादी करने पर अपने बाकी जीवन एक साथ बिताने का वादा करता है। कुछ परिस्थितियों के कारण, उन्हें तलाक से भी गुजरना पड़ता है। जो जोड़े अपनी शादी को एक और मौका देना चाहते हैं, उनके लिए शादी को तलाक से बचाने का सबसे अच्छा उपाय है।


जब एक शादीशुदा जोड़ा तलाक लेने के बारे में सोचता है, तो एक साथी हमेशा अपनी शादी को बचाने की उम्मीद कर रहा है। यह साथी हमेशा ऐसे तरीकों की तलाश में रहता है जो उनकी शादी को बचा सके। तलाक को रोकने की दुआ सबसे प्रभावी उपायों में से एक है जो विवाह को तलाक से बचाने की शक्ति रखता है।

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शादी को बचाने के लिए दुआ


जब एक जोड़े की शादी होती है, तो वे जीवन के हर अच्छे और बुरे दौर में एक-दूसरे का साथ देने का वादा करते हैं। आजकल, वर्तमान पीढ़ी के जोड़े अपने जीवन में सबसे छोटे मुद्दों के लिए तलाक लेने के लिए तैयार हैं। परिवार के बड़े लोगों को ऐसे जोड़ों से शादी बचाने के लिए दुआ का सुझाव देना चाहिए।


शादी को बचाने के लिए दुआ को बचाने के लिए दुआ करना वे अपने व्यवहार को बदल देंगे और उन मुद्दों पर काम करने पर ध्यान केंद्रित करेंगे जो उनके तलाक का कारण बन गए हैं। यह दुआ उन्हें एक दूसरे को बेहतर ढंग से संवाद करने और समझने में मदद करेगी। नई मिली समझ की वजह से ऐसे जोड़े अपनी शादी को एक और मौका दे पाएंगे।

अपनी शादी बचाने के लिए दुआ


क्या आप अपनी शादी में एक कठिन दौर से गुजर रहे हैं? क्या आप डरते हैं कि आपका विवाहित जीवन तलाक की ओर अग्रसर है? क्या आपको अपनी शादी को बचाने के लिए इस्लामी उपायों की मदद चाहिए?


अगर इन सवालों का जवाब हां है, तो आपकी शादी बचाने की दुआ आपकी मदद करेगी। कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ता कि लोग अपनी शादी में कितने मुद्दों का सामना करते हैं, वे हमेशा शादी को बरकरार रखने की कोशिश कर रहे हैं। लेकिन जब परिस्थितियां हाथ से निकल जाती हैं, तो तलाक एकमात्र विकल्प बचता है।


यदि आप एक ऐसे व्यक्ति हैं जो तलाक नहीं चाहता है, तो आपको मेरी शादी बचाने के लिए दुआ करनी चाहिए। यह दुआ आपको उन समस्याओं को हल करने में मदद करेगी जो आपके तलाक का कारण बन गई हैं। आपके दांपत्य जीवन में प्यार इस दुआ के कारण वापस आएगा। आपका साथी और आप अपनी शादी को एक नई शुरुआत दे पाएंगे।


यदि आपका साथी किसी अन्य महिला के कारण आपको तलाक देना चाहता है, तो आज मेरी शादी को बचाने के लिए दुआ का अभ्यास करें। यह दुआ आपके पति को आपके महत्व का एहसास कराने में आपकी मदद करेगी। यह दुआ उन्हें यह भी समझाएगी कि इस्लाम में एक अतिरिक्त वैवाहिक संबंध रखने की अनुमति नहीं है। इस दुआ की वजह से आपका साथी दूसरी महिला को छोड़ कर आपके पास वापस आ जाएगा। आप उसे वापस स्वीकार करने में भी सक्षम होंगे और अपने विवाहित जीवन को फिर से जारी रखेंगे।

इस्लाम में शादी को कैसे बचाएं


ऐसी कई स्थितियाँ हैं जहाँ ऐसा लगता है कि दो लोगों के बीच शादी टूटने वाली है। एक जोड़े को एक साथ कई समस्याओं का सामना करना पड़ता है, लेकिन कभी-कभी छोटी-छोटी गलतफहमियां तलाक का कारण बन सकती हैं।


अपने जीवन में तलाक की स्थिति से बचने के लिए, आप हमेशा इस बात की खोज करते हैं कि इस्लाम में शादी को कैसे बचाया जाए? आप ऐसे इस्लामी उपायों की खोज करते हैं जो आपकी शादी को जीवन के सभी नकारात्मक पहलुओं से सुरक्षित रखते हैं। आपके सुखी वैवाहिक जीवन को बचाने के लिए दुआ एक उपाय है जो दंपति को उनके जीवन से सभी समस्याओं को दूर रखने में मदद करता है। आइए अब देखते हैं कि यह दुआ कैसे निभाई जाती है।

अभयदान करें और प्रार्थना करने बैठें।

11 बार दुर्योध शरीफ का पाठ करें।

फिर सूरह ताहा की आयत संख्या 39 का पाठ करें।

“वा सब क़ायतु अलक़ा मुहब्बतम ​​मन्नी”। जितनी बार चाहें इस दुआ को याद करें।

इस दुआ को शुद्ध मन से करें और अल्लाह आपको एक खुशहाल शादी का आशीर्वाद देगा।


यदि इस दुआ के बारे में आपके कोई और प्रश्न हैं, तो आप हमारे मौलवी साहब से सीधे बात कर सकते हैं।

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